“Contoura, Contoura Plus, and Lifestyle Lift”

What Exactly are the Contoura and Lifestyle Lift Procedures?

It seems like everyday you are seeing advertisements, reading about them in magazines, and hearing about them on the radio, but what is the Contura Procedure and the Lifestyle lift?

The American Society of Plastic Surgery, the association to which all board certified plastic surgeons belong, does not condone the use of marketing “brand” names for commonly performed procedures.  Marketing of these generic names, or “gimmicky” terms for procedures only serves to confuse the public and make already difficult decisions even more frustrating for patients.

In reality, the Contoura procedure involves fat grafting, or transferring fat harvested from other areas of the body to fill areas of hollowness in the face and along the jawline. There is nothing new or groundbreaking with this procedure and board certified surgeons have been performing such procedures for many years. The truth about fat grafting procedures is that they are invasive and do require some downtime for swelling and bruising to subside. The claim that “there is no downtime. Most patients often return back to their normal routines immediately following the procedure, looking years younger in a matter of minutes” is simply inaccurate and misleading to prospective patients. I see many patients who are unhappy with the fact that they anticipated going back to work right away and instead have had to take one or more weeks off due to swelling and bruising.

What about the dramatic anti-aging results with just using fat as a filler? Well, if you look closely at the photos they all state that “these patients have benefited from additional facial and neck firming procedures.” There is no trick here, just simply the fact that to make such a dramatic change in facial aging, fat grafting alone will not accomplish this. The same is true with the Lifestyle lift ads, all patients have had additional neck tightening and eyelid procedures (read the fine print!). Using high pressure sales tactics, patients are steered toward signing up for additional procedures (ie. neck lift, eyelid lift, face lift, brow lift, lip augmentation, laser peel, etc) to accomplish the results that are shown in the photos at a much higher cost than they originally planned on spending.

Contoura, and the Lifestyle lift procedures are expensive and usually performed under local anesthesia only, whereas, most plastic surgeons perform such surgeries at licensed surgery centers with board certified anesthesiologists with the patient totally asleep and safely monitored. Don’t be fooled by well produced television ads, when you are deciding what to do with your face, have several consults scheduled and compare notes. The informed patient is always a happy patient.

Patients in Florida who had the “lifestyle lift” procedure performed between 2009 and 2013 may be eligible for a refund of the fees after the state attorneys office ruled recently against the company. Read more “lifestyle lift lawsuit”

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